Action Intelligence for kitesurf jumps?

Is the new feature in the latest SDK ‘Action Intelligence’ with access to the accelerometer data a good starting point for calculating your kitesurf jump heights?

Action Intelligence

Next we’ve got probably the feature with the most potential, which is Action Intelligence.  This allows apps to access and record accelerometer data at up to 25hz (aka 25 times a second…aka every 40ms).  The idea behind this is to enable apps to start to do more gesture sensing and control.  As well as recording of those movements.

For example Garmin had a simple pitch counter app, that would allow someone wearing the watch to enable the app to count how many baseballs they threw as a pitcher.  That’s a simplistic example, but it worked reasonably well when demoed to me.

The feature allows companies to gather 3-axis accelerometer data, but also to leverage Finite Impulse Response (FIR) and Infinite Impulse Response (IIR) filters which and then filter out noisy day (or include such data).  The idea being that a developer could target just the exact accelerometer data they wanted for their specific application.  All of which can be recorded and potentially processed elsewhere on a 3rd party platform.